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Welcome to the National Centre for Technical and Scientific Research for the Cement Industry

Are you active at the heart of a company that manufactures, uses or works with cement? Or maybe you’re an individual and would like to know more about your construction work? Look no further than the site of the National Centre for Technical and Scientific Research for the Cement Industry!

TheNational Centre for Technical and Scientific Research for the Cement Industry, more commonly known in English as CRIC-OCCN, was established in 1926 to respond to the cement industry’s need for research. Laws passed in Belgium in 1947 saw the creation of De Groote Federal Research Centres; CRIC-OCCN was recognised as such a federal research centre in 1959, managed by a General Assembly, consisting predominantly of representatives from the scientific world and an Administration Council. Thereafter, it also became the Research Centre for Ready-to-Use Cement.

For assistance and advice: we’re at your service

Over time, CRIC-OCCN has developed a number of services to assist and advise everyone about cement, mortar, concrete and the constituents of these materials.

Whether you are a producer, lab worker, entrepreneur, industrialist or individual, you can always call on CRIC-OCCN. You will benefit from:

Your guarantee? Our accreditation

On the level of the Wallonia Region, CRIC-OCCN has recently merged with CoRI (Coatings Research Institute), CRR-OCW (Centre de recherches routières – the Belgian Road Research Centre) and the CSTC-WTCB (Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction – the Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction) to become COM-RA (the Construction & Mobility Research Association). Belgium has also registered it with the European Commission. Certain specific activities have a BELAC accreditation with the BELAC 023-TEST certificate. Would you like to know more about this certification? Download the document Accreditation 023 TEST to learn everything you need to know. 

Access to our publications

Since the 1960s, we have published reports on our activities every two years. Would you like to consult them? Would you like to know more about what CRIC-OCCN has been doing in the past? Just complete our form and the reports you request will be ready for you in next to no time.

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