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What is an admixture?

An admixture is an industrial product added to concrete (or mortar) during fabrication at the time of mixing. Its function? It modifies the properties of concrete when cold (accelerating or slowing down the hardening process, super-plasticising to improve workability, etc.) or in a cured state (air entrainment, inhibiting corrosion, etc.).


CRIC-OCCN: experts in admixtures

Are you looking for reference standards for the inclusion of admixtures in your concrete?

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Would you like to know the exact proportion of admixtures for your product? Would you like further information on the effects that admixtures will have on your concrete?

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Would you like to test or have tests conducted on the possible uses of admixtures? Would you like to analyse the quality of admixtures used on your site?

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Would you like to certify, audit or have the equipment you use for making your materials checked?

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