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CRIC-OCCN offers you three invaluable services relating to cement, mortar, concrete and other construction materials: our Research, Testing and Standards services.

What are our specialties? The development of testing methods; the study of cement-based materials; the analysis of the durability of cement-based materials when subjected to successive cycles of freezing and thawing, and other aggressive influences like carbonation or sulphates; the study of the workability of concrete, the environment and health (especially through the identification and quantification of respirable crystalline silica in the air); etc.

No matter what your activity, whether you have a scientific focus, are in the industrial world, or are simply researching the quality of your construction work, you can always turn to CRIC-OCCN to benefit from our professional tools and the proven skills of our experts.

Would you rather know about our services in auditing, metrology or certification? You’ll find everything you’re looking for on the BE-CERT website.

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