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The CRIC-OCCN Research service is recognised at national as well as European levels for its expertise in the areas of certification and Standardisation. We perform different research projects, the principle achievements of which found by clicking through to  Research Projects.

Lab Béton-Concrete-Beton

The main activity of the Research department? "Collective" research. The results of this work are made available to all companies turning to CRIC-OCCN for advice or assistance. We can also perform more specific research, upon demand, virtually regardless of your sector of activity.

Are you a producer, entrepreneur or construction client, or do you work in the industrial sector?

Depending on your needs, the Research department at CRIC-OCCN can measure respirable dusts, crystalline silicas and total dusts. And if you’re looking for studies on the possibility of recycling a product as an additive in concrete? You need look no further.

Ask for our expertise for your products and your materials! We advise, look together with you into the origins of possible problems and direct you towards solutions.

Are you working in a laboratory?

You can rely on the expertise of CRIC-OCCN for objective and legal advice. We can also train your staff to perform a certain type of analysis or test! Furthermore, we will put you in touch with other professionals for inter-laboratory participation.

Contact the Research department at CRIC-OCCN! We go above and beyond to respond to your every demand.

Are you an individual?

How can we help you? In more ways than you might expect. For example, we can determine the cement content of a particular concrete or of the granulometry of mortar. For all your questions and problems, call on CRIC-OCCN! It is our pleasure to provide you with the best quality help and assistance.     


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Consult our page " Research Projects"

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