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The mission of the Standards service at CRIC-OCCN?

Standardisation Commission Normalisation Normalisatie Commissie

Are you a producer, entrepreneur or construction client, do you work in a laboratory or the industrial sector or are you an independent?

Contact CRIC-OCCN with all your questions or any need for information relating to standards during the fabrication, use or implementation of concrete or other materials. We will provide you with the documentation from the Belgian cement industry which corresponds to your situation.

In order to help you directly, we have reproduced the standards relating to concrete, cement and aggregates:

 Materials  European Standardisation
 International Standardisation
Concrete  CEN/TC 104
 ISO/TC 71
Cement  CEN/TC 51
 ISO/TC 74
Aggregates  CEN/TC 154
 ISO/TC 71 SC 3


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