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A good contractor needs to perform better than an untrained ‘Do It Yourself’ enthusiast. This means knowing the reference standards for undertaking large-scale constructions and ensuring strict conformity to the standards. You can count on the knowledge of the CRIC-OCCN Standards service to assist you every step of the way!

Why doesn’t your concrete harden the way it should? Why does your product behave unusually? And over time, how will your concrete react to aggressive agents or to leaching? These are questions for which CRIC-OCCN will help you to find answers, by performing research into your products and materials. We can also study the behaviour of a product during its incorporation into cement or concrete, the possible harmfulness of dusts that you produce or the possible uses of a recyclable product like substitution aggregates.

CRIC-OCCN also offers a Testing service that performs the analyses and tests needed to guarantee the conformity of your concrete or other construction materials relative to applicable specifications and/or standards. Even better, we provide you with objective data obtained from tests performed on samples coming direct from the worksite, allowing you to settle any disputes arising between different parties working there.

With CRIC-OCCN as your partner, peacefully managing your different worksites is just a phone call away!

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