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Whether you would like to make a terrace out of concrete or you’re repointing your walls, the Standardisation Service at CRIC-OCCN will inform you of the standards you need to meet.

We also perform research for you, identifying, among others, the reasons for the poor condition of concrete, or to examine the concordance between the cement you receive and the cement you order.

Would you like to know the characteristics of a specific material? Have you been confronted by a material quality problem during the construction of your home? Or would you like to know why your cement doesn’t seem to be suitable for the application you intended to use it for? CRIC-OCCN performs tests upon request! We can also take samples at your site and perform the necessary tests to provide you with objective data (used, for instance, in the case of litigation).

Don’t hesitate to contact CRIC-OCCN to guarantee the quality of your private construction jobs or for other advice or information relating to cement, concrete and many other construction materials. We believe every client is important, whether professional or private!

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