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Are you looking for standards applicable to large scale construction works? Or maybe you are preoccupied with the ecological aspects of your constructions? The expert team at the CRIC-OCCN Standards department has the answers!

Thanks to our Research department, we are also able to help you understand the reasons why concrete takes poorly, to study the durability and the performance of your concrete, to let you know how it will stand up to aggressive agents and leaching, and to know the degree of harmfulness posed by dusts you produce on your worksites. Besides this? We also perform research to identify the possible reactions following the integration of new products in cement or concrete, to understand why your product does not react normally or to know whether you can use a recycled product like substitution aggregates.

Are you pushed for time? Or do you simply lack the infrastructure needed to perform these tests on your products internally? Because these are two reasons why CRIC-OCCN also offers you a Testing service. We vigorously analyse whether your materials conform to required standards. Whether it’s for the construction of roads, buildings or something completely different. Using samples we take from your worksite, we can perform the tests and provide you with objective data in the event of a disagreement between different partners. Would you like to be certain of the quality of your cement, concrete or other construction material? CRIC-OCCN is at your service, performing all tests required by certification procedures.

For you, as an industrialist, CRIC-OCCN is an invaluable partner for the success of all your projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us – and make the most of our knowledge as a specialist in cement, concrete and other materials, constituents and derivatives.

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