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All laboratories conducting tests or making analyses are governed by strict standards. It’s only logical! And if you want to ensure your laboratory conforms to the requirements? In the construction sector, you just need to call on CRIC-OCCN! We are the reference point you can rely on, especially when it comes to knowing about standards relating to test methods for different materials, like cement, mortar, concrete and their constituents.

Are you asking yourself questions about how to perform a standardised test or an analysis? Or would you like to verify the results supplied by your own laboratory? CRIC-OCCN provides you with clear and professional responses when they perform the research you need. We can also help you out with an urgent analysis in the event of a breakdown or staff unavailability.

As part of the services our Testing department offers, we can also help you to perform ITT (Initial Type Testing) or perform tests on materials or products passing through your laboratory. You can also call on CRIC-OCCN to perform controls of your laboratory.

Contact us now! There is no better source for assistance and professional advice that ensure the conformity of your laboratory and its effective functioning.

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