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When producing cement or concrete, you need to meet certain standards. They might relate to the materials you use, their size, origins, classifications, etc. To help you, the Standards Service at CRIC-OCCN will advise you and supply you with all the standards references you need.

CRIC-OCCN also helps you to identify the nature and the reactive properties of your products. We can perform research into the reasons why one type of concrete does not harden, the durability and the resistance of your concrete when faced with weather, aggressive agents, leaching, the way in which your concrete or cement reacts to a new product, the unusual behaviour of your product, etc. Would you like to know whether the dusts you create during production are bad for health? Or whether you can use a recycled product as a substitute aggregate? Just ask! And our Research department will be sure to find the answer!

The Testing branch at CRIC-OCCN can perform analyses and tests to investigate whether your material conforms to requirements in force for the construction of roads and buildings, or any other application you might wish to use it for. We also help you to perform tests on your construction products with a view to having them certified. A problem on a worksite? A disagreement? We will come on-site to do the sampling and tests so you have the information you need to solve the problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact CRIC-OCCN. Whenever you need effective assistance during the production of your cement, concrete, mortar or other material, we are happy to put our skills and experience at your service.

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